Prince George Friday Afternoon, Saturday Day, Sunday Day

  • DAY 1
    Mar 23 20184:30p - 10:00p
  • DAY 2
    Mar 24 20189:00a - 10:00p
  • DAY 3
    Mar 25 20189:00a - 4:00p

$810.00 + GST


DURATION: Evening + Day/Evening + Day


ACLS, BLS and PALS Provider courses are the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada programs that you know well, simply combined into a single 2.5 day event. We offer the option to combine these courses any time we are offering ACLS and PALS courses back to back.

With BLS offered with every ACLS and PALS course, this is a time saving and cost saving weekend ($140 tuition discount off booking the courses separately). With core skills and content shared across all three courses, the combined course weekend programs have been very successful for those who have already invested in this experience.

You can SCROLL DOWN to register online or simply click on ‘REGISTER NOW’. We’ve implemented the latest technology to ensure your online registration and payment are secure. If you have any questions at all, please email us at support@skillstat.com or call us at 604-990-0063. You are also welcome to register by phone.

Delivered in partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the ACLS | BLS | PALS Provider combined course is intended for healthcare providers working in a hospital or non-hospital setting who wish to increase their skills in the emergency cardiovascular and respiratory care of adults, children and infants. The knowledge and skills for resuscitating and stabilizing adults, infants and children in respiratory failure, cardiopulmonary arrest and shock are introduced and reinforced through ample practice. The ACLS | BLS | PALS Provider course utilizes case-based sessions, simulations, video presentations, didactic discussions and hands on practice to help each student achieve success in the course and in practice.

In November 2017 (focused release) and in October 2015, the latest updates of the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Guidelines were released. Our courses offer the latest consensus on these guidelines.

Please review the ACLS Provider Manual (2015), the PALS Provider Manual (2016) and student materials available at Heart and Stroke Foundation (you must log in to access ACLS, PALS and BLS skill videos and precourse quizzes found in the ‘Training Resources’ tab). To refresh your ECG knowledge visit our SkillStat ECG Simulator.  Basic ECG interpretation is a prerequisite skill. A number of other useful resources are freely available through SkillStat’s Library.

The ACLS and PALS Provider manuals – not included in the course tuition – can be ordered below. These are shipped expedited the next business day

After you register, you will also receive an email with links to a number of official release documents freely available online.


What if you could use more practice? Repeat the course or part of the course for the next 8 weeks for FREE! People do. We all benefit. Even if you feel you want more exposure after the course, you can still come sit in or audit a course.

What if you need to change dates or cancel? Check out our refund and transfer policy.

We are committed to creating a positive learning experience that is relevant to who you are and to what you do. Register today!

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Phone: 250.563.0055

More detail on what I really liked & felt was useful.

– Contents of the exam are covered by the instructors even if you don’t realize it (because you haven’t done the prep or just have no clue) until the exam.

– Instructors ran scenarios that were targeted for where we were going e.g remote or family practise and designation scope eg RN, GP etc. Really made the cost and travel worth while.

– Running the scenarios really helped with gaining insight into what Code Team members, Residents/Fellows, Medics and Team Leaders go through when running the code and the team.

– Being in a mixed group really pushed and expanded my knowledge base. This was helpful In developing confidence in that I felt like I can be proactive and supportive with high acuity scenarios.

– Instructors supported confidence building with plenty of equipment “hands on” which took the intimidation and stress out of emergent/code situations. This was extremely helpful in focusing on the content and successfully certifying, but didn’t lessen the import of learning what & how things needs to get done.

– Nicole (June 2018)


- Nicole – ACLS PALS Combo Course, Vancouver
  Six Second ECG Intensive Six Second ECG Mastery 12 Lead ECG & ACS 12 Lead Advanced



Any Six Second ECG Course

12 Lead ECG & ACS

Time Frame

8 hours 1-day Course

20 hours 3-day Course

8 hours 1-day Course

8 hours 1-day Course






Completion Card
Exam and Certification
SkillStat 2U-able
Reference materials included
Dynamic ECG rhythm interpretation
Static ECG rhythm interpretation
Clinical Impact Mapping
Acute Coronary Syndromes Overview
Acute Coronary Syndromes In-Depth
ST Segment & T Wave Differential
Identify Bundle Branch Blocks
15 | 18 Lead View Mapping
Electrical Axis
R Wave Progression
Left Bundle Branch Blocks with ACS
Atypical Findings
Acute Non-Ischemic Disease Conditions
Special Cases

•-included;     ○-reviewed

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