A medical emergency - a high acuity low occurrence (HALO) event - can be met with considerable success by those who are able to recognize early trends in deterioration, to mobilize available resources and to intervene with priority-focused agility and flexibility

Contrary to expectations, most medical emergencies happen in non-critical care areas. Health care providers in these settings are faced with acute emergencies often without the benefit of recent practice or proven skills to respond with agility.  TEAM PRIME - primary response in medical emergencies -  helps build this expertise. 

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Medical emergency response and resuscitation in non-critical care areas is deemed a high-priority focus for core skill development.


Priority-driven core skills can make all the difference. Build on current abilities with a 3-step model to act with speed and grace. 


Ample practice with high acuity low occurrence (HALO) emergency events is reinforced with relevant scenario practice.

Course Overview

Specific actions taken upstream in emergency prevention and in the first 10 minutes of emergencies offer the greatest benefits to patient protection and survivability.

Early recognition, rapid mobilization and priority-driven interventions in emergencies are wrapped in a 3 step model for efficient, effective response. 

On Completion: discover pathways to enhanced agility in medical emergencies

Who: non-critical care health care providers across all disciplines

Live Online: Group discussion and exercises that address the scope of current challenges and introduce an actionable 3-step model for efficient and effective emergency response 

In-Person: core skill development and hands on scenario and simulation practice

What you'll learn


revisit A&P; value added vital signs; blood-oxygen-glucose emergencies; expected and atypical signs and symptoms

Foundational Skills

core skills to intervene early in cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and endocrine emergencies

Priorities First

become adept at simple, practical, priority-based frameworks that help you determine best actions

Flexible Agility

understand deeply the why and how of core skills; be flexible and agile, responding to emergencies with speed and grace

TEAM Skills

become adept with skills that leverage human-to-human connections to amplify the likelihood of success

Situational Awareness

assess your situation; agility within any potential or actual emergency quickly leverages changing resources

What you'll receive

Pre-Course Package

upon registration, an email is sent to you with links to pre-course resources and course details

Custom Experiences

hands-on tailored experiences build your agility for expected and unexpected emergencies

Group Activities

group activities harness the expertise and experience of everyone to optimize learning

Practical Tips and Pearls

this is a real world course; agile readiness requires skills that are possible with minimal resources

Completion or Certification

an optional hands-on and written evaluation is available to earn a certification card

SkillStat Guarantee

get more practice taking this course again for FREE within a YEAR of your first course 

The greatest offer SkillStat has is the focus, not on a test, but on making sure everyone walks away more knowledgeable and confident. To offer attending future courses just to revisit, learn & MASTER skills is brilliant.


Available learning options

Live Online

Interactive and dynamic sessions via Zoom. Learn better from the comfort of your own home.

In Class

Practice the hands-on skills you need with a team committed to your success.


Learn and practice whenever and wherever via our interactive web app - desktop and mobile.

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