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Who We are. What Drives Us.

We are critical care practitioners, educators - and even patients - across most every healthcare discipline. We share a unique vision for building and keeping basic critical skills - in ECG interpretation, emergency cardiovascular care of adults and pediatric emergency care.
We know that these skills often tip the balance in favor of those having a cardiovascular emergency. Early recognition and rapid intervention tend to divert ominous outcomes. 
Our passion is in creating specialized learning tools that are accessible, affordable and immediately useful. We design from core principles rooted in clinical experience and the science of best practice.
We strive for simple - not simplistic - effective and practical - not academic - approaches to care. We believe that skills need to be agile and ever-ready for the predictable but also the unpredictable. 

Agility Matters: Core Skills When Seconds Count

Your skills make all the difference to those having a cardiovascular emergency. Early recognition and rapid intervention tend to divert ominous outcomes. Agile skills - flexible, nimble abilities that are available at a moment's notice - are needed.
The ability to call upon skills that may be used ocassionally or even rarely requires a unique approach to skill building and skill retention. This clinical reality - competing demands for personal attention, limited resources, complex conditions and a persistent shortage in time - demands a novel solution.
Our three-point solution combines:
  1. simple, light yet robust conceptual models presented via books, ebooks, courses and webinars. 
  2. accessible simulators to readily experience skills and
  3. opportunities to prove your abilities with dynamic credentialing. 
Central to our approach is the importance of real-life constraints - serious limits on available time and resources - on skill development, retention and application.  Each of our products are designed to quickly build skill efficacy  - confidence in your own ability to perform well - through discovery, practice, play and ultimately skill credentialing.
We know that this is serious stuff. But becoming skilled can, and perhaps should, be enjoyable and engaging.

Six Second ECG

Six Second ECG Interpretation - true, robust interpretation that integrates ECG rhythm identification with meaningful connections to a patient's health status - is our first major product line. Our 4 step approach to ECG interpretation is a proven approach to single-lead ECG rhythm identification that quickly addresses rhythm identification without ignoring the need for cardiac monitoring - the clinical significance of each rhythm to each patient. 

The Six Second ECG system has been taught for more than 20 years. Instructors of this program include educators throughout North America and into Europe. The Six Second ECG Simulator has been downloaded more than 15 million times. The Six Second ECG book, ebook and book chapters are used by hundreds of health care professionals every day. The instructor kits reside with major health systems, university libraries and with medical training companies. The Six Second ECG system's main strengths include:

  • its systematic, make-sense approach that is readily remembered and quickly used
  • its comprehensive set of tools for practitioners and educators
  • its clinical focus
We have committed significant resources into each aspect of the Six Second ECG line of tools. The next few months should prove to be very exciting. 

Refund Policy

SkillStat's refund policy is simple.

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 45 days of the purchase date, email us your name, the date of the purchase and the product you wish to return. If you purchased a physical good, your refund will be processed within one business day of receiving the returned product. For digital goods, a refund will be processed within one business day of receiving your request.

While we always want to know why you are not 100% satisfied, this is only an optional request.

We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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