12 Lead ECG & ACS

Once you have a solid grounding in single lead ECG interpretation, you’re ready for this 1-day course.

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Pre-Requisites: Any Six Second ECG® Course

12 Lead ECG & ACS


Certified and proven 3-Step rhythm interpretation method


Effectively understand and interpret ECG rhythms when it counts most


Grow vibrant, breakthrough skills using the Six Second ECG® Method

Program Overview

In the diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes, 12 Lead ECG results can lead to rapid, effective treatment. While blood work results – particularly Troponin - also support a diagnosis, the 12 Lead ECG is typically first to the mark, often by hours. When combined with a patient assessment and history, systematic 12 Lead ECG interpretation is key to timely intervention and optimal patient outcomes.

  • ECG Basics Revisited
  • Twelve Lead Views Plus (15/18)
  • Identifying Myocardial Ischemia and Infarction
  • Bundle Branch Blocks
  • Systematic 12 Lead ECG Interpretation in 5 Steps
  • Determining Electrical Axis
  • Atrial and Ventricular Hypertrophies
  • Atypical Syndromes: WPW, Brugada, Long QT and more

Much of the time will be spent practising and making sense of the ECG, with particular attention to clinical implications.

What you'll learn

3-Step Method

Review our 3-Step rhythm interpretation method for static and dynamic rhythms.

Acute Coronary Syndromes

Go through an overview of ACS and dive deeply for more understanding.

ST Segment & T Wave

Learn more about ST segment and T wave differentials.

Bundle Branch Blocks

Identify and understand bundle branch blocks in depth.

15 | 18 Lead View Mapping

Understand 15 & 18 lead views. Learn what makes them special.

Electrical Axis

Deepen your understanding of the electrical axis and deviations.

What you'll receive

Completion Card

12 Lead ECG & ACS Completion Card

Reference Materials

Additional follow-on worksheets and reference materials included

SkillStat Guarantee

You are welcome to repeat the same course for FREE within a YEAR of your original course completion date!

"This course took a seemingly complex subject and made it understandable. This course advanced my knowledge tremendously. The book was also excellent. It was a great review tool for me. I leave more confident in my ECG knowledge." - Darren

SSECG - Essentials

"The entire course was relevant to our non-hospital surgery center. Excellent content & instruction. Practical & thorough." - A. Denton


"It was more fun/engaging that I thought!" - Taryn


"I am able to confidently identify and interpret ECG strips. I am able to think more critically than before with the 6 Second ECG mastery class." - Titi

SSECG - Mastery

Did anything surprise you in the Six Second ECG Mastery course? "How quickly that proper ECG interpretation can be taught and how it can be done in 3 Steps. I thought the course was perfect length and was nicely spread between 3 days. I am very motivated + positive moving forward with ECG monitoring. I feel not only capable in ECGs but a better nurse." - Hayley

SSECG - Mastery

"Group discussions were great and interesting. Accurate diagnosis leads to proper management. It helped differentiating between serious and less serious arrhythmias. It helped me be systematic & think in a step-wise manner." - Sheirin


"Exceptional + practical approach. Instructor was fantastic." - Naida


"Very engaging + concise. Would recommend this class. Thank you!" - Megan


"This course is very simple, straightforward in the method of interpreting what seems to be a daunting piece of info in ECG waveforms." - Albert


"I've been pretty nervous thinking about this new job, but this course really helped alleviate some of that, so thank you!" - Randi


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12 Lead ECG & ACS

ECG 360
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