Pre-Requisites: None

Cost: $675.00*

Duration: 3 Days

This 3-day course is our most comprehensive ECG training, and the only course that comes with a formal evaluation. You’ll understand why dysrhythmias are initiated, master our simple 3-step method for interpreting rhythms, and conclude with an introduction to 12-lead interpretation. We go deep into the concepts, and you get a lot of time to practice.


  • Taught in Universities and Hospitals globally
  • Thousands of students have said, ‘I get it now!’
  • Safe learning environment


“I was amazed how I was able to feel proficient in a relatively small amount of time. I enjoyed the 3 days and would recommend this to colleagues. Timeframe was good.” – Chris (Jan 2018)

Learn and develop vibrant, breakthrough skills using the Six Second ECG® Method:

  • Certified and proven 3-Step rhythm identification method
  • Dynamic ECG rhythm interpretation
  • Static ECG rhythm interpretation
  • Clinical Impact Mapping
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes Overview
  • Deepen your understanding of heart physiology and connect it to the rhythms
  • Understand the ‘why” instead of just memorizing answers
  • Scenarios and examples customized to fit you and your role
  • Simple, flexible learning models that you can build on
  • 20 hours over 3 days
  • What you get
    • Exam and Certification
    • The Six Second ECG: A Practical Guide to Basic and 12 Lead ECG Interpretation – shipped to you expedited within 1 business day of registration (included with tuition)
    • ECG Course Completion Card
    • Calipers
    • 3-Step Method Card
    • Reference Materials


Here are a few helpful documents (pdf downloads) you can access now from our Library

For an additional learning opportunity, try our online ECG Simulator


We deliver our Six Second ECG® courses in Vancouver and throughout BC!


The SkillStat Guarantee: If you leave any of our courses feeling like you want to reinforce your knowledge further, for any reason, we welcome to you repeat the same course for free within 45 days of your original course completion date!

*Note: This is our price for public courses held in Vancouver. Prices for courses outside the Lower Mainland of BC are usually a little bit more to help us cover travel costs. View details on any of our upcoming courses below for more information!