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Discover your agility in medical emergencies

Your Moment

Medical emergencies are uniquely challenging events, wrapped in immediacy and great consequence. 

These fast moving, complex HALO events - high acuity low occurrence - call on specially tailored, proven approaches to help prepare you for these moments. 

We work with who and where you are - your story and expertise, your limits and responsibilities particular to your role and your practice setting. Every experience is customized to be most relevant to you. 

Best Practice Plus

Research informed best practice science in emergency medicine informs accepted performance algorithms across most every acute event. 

We also bring focus, experience and expertise in learning science, habit science, decision science and in human factors science. All fields offer level-up value to best achieve your agile readiness. 

Our educators, mentors and coaches bring years of expertise in emergency care to the design of novel strategies that best help you learn, retain and apply these core skills. 

Speed with Grace

Find clarity. While the range of possible emergency interventions is wide, only a handful of core interventions do much of the heavy lifting.  All actions are not equal.

Start well, priorities first. Speed with grace. 

Our 3-step action models help you readily identify priorities within emergencies, within the list of interventions available and even within each best practice algorithm. The 360 series keeps you current, practiced and ever-more capable. 

We all need you at your best. 

"A good length of time for the content as it gave time to practice in order to solidify what we learned. Not sure that this course needs to change but I now that I have done this one I do want to do more, like the 12 lead ECG and clinical applications." - Debbie

Six Second ECG Essentials

"This is a very good introductory course. I liked the mix of didactic and actual practice with an expert on hand. The 3-step approach will be very handy. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of skill level." - Sean

Six Second ECG Essentials

"Very accessible, valuable content and should be mandatory for anyone participating in procedural sedation. There was a targeted effort by the hosts to tailor the delivery of information to the specific needs or goals of the learners." - Lori


"Knowing how to quickly interpret an ECG rhythm and relate it to the symptoms a patient is experiencing is a huge skill I will take away from this course. This course gave me confidence to interpret rhythms without having to 'memorize' rhythms, and being able to truly understand the root cause, which will help me decide a course of treatment." - Ashneet

Six Second ECG Master Class

"This course reiterated the importance of correctly identifying what is wrong with the patient in order to perform the correct intervention (i.e., the difference between loops and leaks)." - Angela


"*Fun** Non-stressful environment which led to fun learning. Knowledgeable instructors." - Andrea

ACLS Provider

"The course was incredibly helpful and I'm less afraid to care for sick kiddos now." - Barbara

PALS Provider

"Excellent course with knowledgable + supportive instructor. Great opportunity for dialogue and asking questions. :)" - Barbara

PALS Provider

"Appreciated having Part 1 online - I don't think that part requires in person. Part 2 for Sim. in person was great." - Lindsay

ACLS Provider

"Very practical course, well delivered and excellent value for time and money" - Paul

ACLS Renewal

Our new 12 Lead ECG SIM Deck is active!

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Our website will be unavailable on Wednesday March 13, 2024 starting at 9:00am (PDT). We anticipate this will take about 1 hour.
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The SkillStat Team

  Six Second ECG Intensive Six Second ECG Mastery 12 Lead ECG & ACS 12 Lead Advanced



Any Six Second ECG Course

12 Lead ECG & ACS

Time Frame

8 hours (1-day Course or 2 evenings)

20 hours 3-day Course

8 hours 1-day Course

8 hours 1-day Course






Completion Card
Exam and Certification
SkillStat 2U-able
Reference materials included
Dynamic ECG rhythm interpretation
Static ECG rhythm interpretation
Clinical Impact Mapping
Acute Coronary Syndromes Overview
Acute Coronary Syndromes In-Depth
ST Segment & T Wave Differential
Identify Bundle Branch Blocks
15 | 18 Lead View Mapping
Electrical Axis
R Wave Progression
Left Bundle Branch Blocks with ACS
Atypical Findings
Acute Non-Ischemic Disease Conditions
Special Cases

•-included;     ○-reviewed