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Highly customized to the specific needs of your team, our private and group courses help ensure your team is ready when they need to be.

We offer all of our public courses, plus a few more, as private courses.

Private courses are common among teams of hospitalists, medical residents across most specialties, and medical students entering residency, providing an effective efficient solution for groups of friends, groups of colleagues, clinics, and hospitals.

We work with your schedule (weekday, weekend, or evenings) and can reduce time and cost by combining courses with content overlap.

As an added bonus, private courses provide an invaluable team building experience on top of maintaining your compliance requirements.

How It Works


Customize your course

You send us an inquiry via our Contact Us form or call us at 604-990-0063. Identify which course(s) you are interested in. Let us know if you have a location or if you would like us to arrange one.

Do you have dates in mind? When would you like to have the course(s) done by? We usually need at least 3-4 weeks notice to schedule a course; and we can often provide you with about 3 options for dates. If you are able to let us know dates and times that work better for you we will do our best to work with that.


Registration & Reminder

Once we have decided on a date and time we create a course online
that you and your team can use to register. When they register they
receive an email with a number of helpful study links so they can start preparing right away.

One week in advance of the course we send out a reminder email to
your team with the Zoom link,  location details, and helpful study links.


Course day and Beyond

Take the course.

If the course has a certification time limit (such as 2 years) then we send out a reminder email 3 months before the certificate expires to help remind people that it is time to renew.

Our full course offerings,
customized for your team


ECG interpretation is central to acute care, emergency care, critical care and high acuity settings. Become adept at a simple, powerful 3 step method to quickly identify and interpret ECG rhythms.

six second ECG® courses

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Learn to quickly recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies with agility.

advanced cardiovascular life support

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Increase your skills and agility in the emergency cardiovascular and respiratory care of children and infants.

pediatric advanced life support

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Learn the foundational skills essential to all cardiovascular emergencies.

basic life support

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This workshop is intended for healthcare providers who make use of procedural sedation in a hospital or non-hospital setting.

safe and effective procedural sedation and analgesia

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We're developing courses to help your team be more successful with on Airway Management, Neo-Obs, Trauma, In Time, and Covid-19

become adept and agile in acute medical crises
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Common Questions

What is the general process of Skillstat 2U?

Contact us via the form below or above with the courses you are interested in, how many people you would like trained and a few possible dates.

What is the minimum and maximum number of people?

The minimum for most courses is 6 people (for BLS it is 8 people). The maximum is negotiable.

Where do these courses take place?

We can often doing them at your location or we can arrange another local facility at no extra cost to you. Much of this depends on the amount of space to safely conduct our in-person sessions given Covid-19.

Are there any pre-course materials with each cousre?

Yes, once people register they will be sent a pre-course package as part of their confirmation email. A week before the course start date we sent a course reminder email with the Zoom link, timing, location and other details.

How far in advance must I book our group course?

Typically, we like to book courses 3-4 weeks in advance. If you can provide us with 2-3 possible dates we should be able to make one of those work. We can do mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Do Skillstat 2U courses cost more?

We offer SkillStat 2U courses at the same price as our public courses. We will save you time and effort, and provide your team with a valuable skills and team building event customized for them.

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