Highly customized to the specific needs of your team, our private and group courses help ensure your team is ready when they need to be.

We offer all of our public courses, plus a few more, as private courses.

Private courses are common among teams of hospitalists, medical residents across most specialties, and medical students entering residency, providing an effective efficient solution for groups of friends, groups of colleagues, clinics, and hospitals.

We work with your schedule (weekday, weekend, or evenings) and can reduce time and cost by combining courses with content overlap.

As an added bonus, private courses provide an invaluable team building experience on top of maintaining your compliance requirements.



ACLS-BLS-PALS Combo Course – These are the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada programs that you know well, simply combined into a single course. With BLS offered with every ACLS and PALS course, this is a time saving and cost saving ($100 tuition discount from booking the courses separately) option. With skills and content shared across all three courses, the combined course programs have been very successful for those who have invested in these experiences.

This 2.5 day program is popular with both rural and urban teams such as: ER teams of Fraser Health, Anaesthesia Capital Region, Physician/Nursing teams of rural communities including coastal communities such as Bella Bella and Bella Coola, the northeastern town of Valemount, and Fort Nelson of northern BC.

Separately the ACLS and PALS courses have provided valuable training for private clinics in New Westminster, Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Prince George.

“Extremely valuable to have PALS in conjunction with ACLS – much more effective than either alone. Also really enjoyed the mixed skills of participants.” – Jan (ACLS & PALS Combo Course, Vancouver)

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Delivered in partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) was created to help healthcare providers quickly recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies.

    • The Provider Course (2 days) provides a foundation for anyone who has not taken the course before, or who has not taken the course within 2 years. Learn More
    • The Renewal Course (1 day) provides a refresh of these vital skills. The Heart and Stroke Foundation requires that you must be within 2-years of your last ACLS course to be eligible to take the 1-day Renewal course. Learn More

“Great scenarios. Effective learning technique. Great for learning teamwork. Today’s course length was perfect.” – Frank (ACLS Renewal, Kelowna)

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Delivered in partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) was created to help healthcare providers manage cardiovascular emergencies in children and infants.

    • The Provider Course (2 days) is intended for healthcare providers working in a hospital or non-hospital setting who wish to increase their skills in the emergency cardiovascular and respiratory care of children and infants.  Learn More
    • The Renewal Course (1 day) is intended for healthcare providers who have taken the PALS Provider (2-day) within the last two years. Learn More

“Excellent teaching of course – good review of principles. Feel more comfortable going back to practice in new setting. Good hands on experience. Good consolidation of knowledge.” – V Bedard (PALS Provider, Kelowna)

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The Basic Life Support Course (formerly called BLS-HCP) teaches: 1- and 2-rescuer adult, child and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking, automated external defibrillator (AED) training and the use of bag valve mask (BVM). The 4-hour course is designed for healthcare providers who need a credentialed course and is also open to first responders who have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements. This course can also be modified to fit the needs of those who need a basic cpr course for their work environment. Learn More

“Time frame – perfect. Comfort level good. Maintaining my CPR skills is really valuable to my profession and this course was a great reminder.” – Shannon (BLS,  Mount Saint Joseph Hospital)

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Safe & Effective Procedural Sedation & Analgesia

This 1-day workshop is intended for healthcare providers who make use of procedural sedation in a hospital or non-hospital setting. It combines an introduction to ECG interpretation, procedural sedation pharmacodynamics, BC procedural sedation standards and airway management with practice exercises, case studies and simulations. SEPSA course clients include: Vancouver Island Health Authority, Fraser Health and other private clinics. Learn More

“Good combination of discussion & interactive learning. Real stories & examples made it easier to learn & info more likely to stick. Really well delivered. Great relevant content. – Amy (SEPSA, Vancouver)

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ECG Interpretation

ECG is the bridge skill into high acuity, emergency care, and critical care. Naming a rhythm is one thing. Understanding it well enough to take action is quite another. True ECG interpretation maps physical assessment and health history with ECG findings to form a dynamic clinical impression. This allows you to jump into action when the patient needs you most. Identifying a rhythm – naming a rhythm, measuring intervals and heart rate— has limited value if the significance of the rhythm is not understood. In our courses, you’ll get both.

Here are a few of the organizations that have taken advantage of a private 1 day or 3 day ECG course: Providence Health Care, Vancouver General Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, and BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre. Learn More


Learn the core skill which is important to all areas of advanced practice. This 8-hour introductory course in ECG interpretation is for health care providers who want a practical and reliable 3-step method to quickly identify ECG rhythms while mapping possible impacts to a patient’s condition. Help your team effectively understand and interpret ECG rhythms when it counts most. Learn More

“My knowledge has increased immensely and I’m eager to put it into practice. Very valuable skill set that can be the difference between acting asap or acting too late.” – Marleigh (Six Second ECG – Essentials, Terrace)

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This 3-day course is our most comprehensive ECG training, and the only course that comes with a formal evaluation. Your team will understand why dysrhythmias are initiated, master our simple 3-step method for interpreting rhythms, and conclude with an introduction to 12-lead interpretation. We go deep into the concepts, and they get a lot of time to practice. Learn More

“Great course! Easy to follow content + very well laid out steps. I would recommend this to everyone in critical care settings. This course is very well taught!” – Ariella (Six Second ECG – Mastery, St. Paul’s ER)

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Master Recognition & Rescue of a Deteriorating Patient

The InTime Acute Care 2-day course is designed for the unique challenges of nurses caring for people outside of critical care areas. In these settings it becomes all the more important that nurses have the skills to recognize a situation that is developing into an emergency and how to mobilize the right resource to ensure an early rescue (or to prevent ‘failure to rescue’). InTime Acute Care has been taught in Nanaimo and Terrace. Learn More

“great teaching style – made everyone at ease and at no point overwhelmed. Time frame was great, teaching style was great mix of challenging & confidence building.” – Greg (InTime Acute Care, Terrace)

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Training staff and staying up-to-date with accreditation criteria can be time consuming and difficult for those not familiar with the process. Let our professional team help make this easier and less stressful for you. Our Medical Office Emergency course combines, CPR (including AED training), practice scenarios, and an emergency medical office equipment review into a concise 3-3.5 hour session. Learn More

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Powerful Combinations

We can save you time and money by combining courses with similar content. Ask us how.

SEPSA or InTime for Acute Care?

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Tell us what you need, we’ll make it happen

Typically the process involves the following steps, criteria, and questions:

  • You send us an inquiry via our Contact Us form below or call us at 604-990-0063.
  • Identify which course(s) you are interested in.
  • Let us know if you have a location or if you would like us to arrange one.
  • Do you have dates in mind? When would you like to have the course(s) done by? We usually need at least 3-4 weeks notice to schedule a course; and we can often provide you with about 3 options for dates. If you are able to let us know dates and times that work better for you we will do our best to work with that.
  • The minimum number of students is 6, and the maximum is subject to negotiation.
  • Will your organization be paying or will individuals be paying themselves?
  • Once we have decided on a date and time we create a course online that you and your team can use to register. When they register they receive an email with a number of helpful study links so they can start preparing right away.
  • One week in advance of the course we send out a reminder email to your team with location details and helpful study links.
  • If the course has a certification time limit (such as 2 years) then we send out a reminder email 3 months before the certificate expires to help remind people that it is time to renew.




Here are a few first-hand reviews from colleagues and peers who have experienced the SkillStat difference

“The leadership techniques & strategies resonate the most as they support me in enabling individual staff members to step forward and lead a team. Great course! Great teacher! Great to be taught in our own environment with our own team!”Carole (Jan 2019) – ACLS Provider – SkillStat 2U!

“Excellent. Would definitely recommend. Appreciated the content targeted to our clinical setting.”Kathy – ACLS Renewal – SkillStat 2U!

“Was perfect, catered to the group and setting. Easy to ask questions etc.” – Kelly – PALS Renewal – SkillStat 2U!

“This course was excellent as it took the fear and anxiety out of conscious sedation. The reading is excellent as well as the discussion.” – Denise – SEPSA – SkillStat 2U!



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