ECG 3 Step Practice Exercise

Six Second ECG 3 Step Practice Quiz

    Welcome to the 3 Step Practice Quiz!

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    This "quiz" is set up as an opportunity to practice the basics of the 3 Step Method to identify where the rhythm originates from. To keep it simple, we've kept it to 3 possible answers, the SA Node, Junction, and the Ventricles.

    The Second ECG Quick Steps basics are:

    1. HEART RATE - Too fast? Too slow? GO!!

    2. QRS - Narrow (supraventricular) or Wide (ventricular)?

    3. P’s – P waves and Pattern

    P waves?
    Upright P wave = SA origin
    Biphasic P wave = Atrial origin
    Inverted or absent P wave = Junctional origin

    wide QRS complexes consistently preceded by P waves likely form a supraventricular rhythm with aberrant ventricular conduction i.e. bundle branch block

    We hope you find this valuable!

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