SkillStat Learning Inc. Website and Personal Information

SkillStat Learning Inc.’s web servers, and web analytics services used by SkillStat Learning Inc., automatically collect information that is essential to the security, technical maintenance, and usability of our website, hereinafter referred to as the “Site”.

The information collected includes data such as:
• Browser and operating system type and version used to access the Site
• Internet service provider (ISP) name and Internet Protocol (IP) address of visitors
• Pages visited, including duration, date, and time
• Addresses of external websites linked to the Site and used by visitors to enter the Site

This data is stored on web servers in the United States.

SkillStat Learning Inc. uses the information to maintain security, diagnose technical issues and conduct statistical analysis to assist in making the site more useful to visitors.

The extent of personal information collected by SkillStat Learning Inc.’s servers depends on the standards followed by your ISP. You may wish to contact your ISP to determine the policies and practices in this regard.

Access to information collected is restricted to authorized individuals. Except when required for legitimate business requirements where filling out a form is required, such as, but not limited to, registering for a course or signing up for our newsletter, SkillStat Learning Inc. makes no attempt to link this information collected to the identity of individuals.

While viewing portions of the Site, small data files called “cookies” may be stored on your browser to assist you when returning to a specific page or area on the Site. If you have concerns about cookies, you can configure your web browser settings to not accept cookies or to display warning messages.


SkillStat Learning Inc. complies with BC’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), which describes how all private sector organizations must handle the personal information of its employees and the public (your customers) and creates common-sense rules about collecting, using and disclosing that personal information.

SkillStat Learning Inc. also complies with BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) which sets out the access and privacy rights of individuals as they relate to the public sector.

SkillStat Learning Inc. also complies with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA) which applies to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information in the course of a commercial activity. As the information we collect is kept on servers outside of Canada (primarily in the United States), PIPEDA continues to apply, even though BC has adopted a substantially similar privacy legislation.

SkillStat Learning Inc. collects personal information for purposes associated with its operating programs and activities. The Acts apply to all records in the custody or under the control of SkillStat Learning Inc., with some exceptions. Requests may be made for access to, and correction of, records containing an individual’s own personal information by contacting our Privacy Officer, Michael Kazyss, at michaelk(at)

The Act does not apply to some categories of records including:
• A record containing teaching materials or research information of employees at SkillStat Learning Inc.
• A record containing information about a question that is to be used on a SkillStat Learning Inc. examination or test

In responding to access requests, SkillStat Learning Inc. may redact certain information based on the exceptions from disclosure in the Acts.

For more information about SkillStat Learning Inc.’s privacy procedures, you can contact our Privacy Officer, Michael Kazyss, at michaelk(at)

For more information about PIPA, which is enforced by the Office of the Information & Privacy Commission (OIPC) for British Columbia, see the OIPC website.

For more information about FOIPPA please visit the Government of BC’s webpage on Freedom of Information in BC.

For more information about PIPEDA, which is enforced by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, see the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website.

Updated Aug 13, 2019