ACLS & BLS at Providence Health Care

Learn to quickly recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies with agility.

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Pre-Requisites: NONE

ACLS & BLS at Providence Health Care


A team of accredited trainers with the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


Peer reviewed and recommended.


Develop agile skills and a solid understanding.

Program Overview

SkillStat is proud to be partnering with Providence Health Care to provide ACLS Provider and Renewal Courses combined with BLS to Providence Health staff at St. Paul’s and Mount Saint Joseph Hospitals in the following units:

St. Paul’s: ICU, CSICU, CICU, PACU, CATH LAB (5CD), ER, ccHAU, Respiratory Therapy and Radiology.
Mount Saint Joseph: ICU, ER, PACU and Respiratory Therapy.

Once you have approval from your Patient Care Manager (PCM) to do the course, please choose a course below and register. If you are in an area other than the ones listed here, please discuss the possibility of attending with your Patient Care Manager.

BLS is included in each of these courses.

TUITION will be paid for by Providence Health Care. Please note that your registration is subject to SkillStat’s cancellation policies should you cancel or transfer courses.

In Oct 2020, the latest updates of the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Guidelines were released. Our ACLS | BLS courses support current practice with the new ACLS and BLS guidelines, including the latest updates with Covid-19.

MANUALS and pre-reading can be obtained from your educators. If you wish to purchase a manual from SkillStat, you may do so when you register. The manual(s) will be express shipped to your home address. SkillStat also provides a series of links to free ACLS preparation resources through the Heart and Stroke Foundation (videos and a precourse quiz), ILCOR (International Liaison Council on Resuscitation) and SkillStat Learning. You will receive these links in an email confirmation after you register.

We look forward to our continued ACLS | BLS partnership with you and Providence Health Care.

What you'll learn


Learn which actions make the most difference during a cardiovascular emergency.

Experiential Learning

Most of the course is engaged in hands-on experiential learning to help build your agility.


Explanations of the rationales and research behind the skills you are learning.


Learn to use and manage the resources you have with agility.


Stories and examples customized to fit you and your role.


Simple, flexible learning models that you can build on.

What you'll receive

Pre-Course Package

A list of freely available links and resources come with your confirmation email.


You will earn your Heart and Stroke Foundation ACLS Provider certificate (good for 2 years).


Safe learning environment where you are free to make mistakes.


Our goal is to build your confidence when faced with a cardiovascular emergency.


Your time is valuable and we want to make the most of it.

SkillStat Guarantee

You are welcome to repeat the same course for FREE within a YEAR of your original course completion date!

"I enjoy the course a lot. It's fun & practical. I like the online/hands-on schedule like this. Very casual & doable. Thanks so much for making this happen!" - Tammy (Feb 2021)

ACLS Renewal

"I really enjoyed the Zoom format for Part 1. Part 2 was less stressful than previously." - Jemima (Feb 2021)

ACLS Renewal

"Zoom at home was great. Super good." - Deb (Feb 2021)

ACLS Renewal

"Great course. Learned a lot in a short time. Lots of time to practice. It's very clear the instructors are experts. They created a very good learning environment." - Darin (Feb 2021)

ACLS Renewal

Appreciate being able to do the online portion from home. - Ellen (Jan 2021)

ACLS Renewal

I would definitely recommend this course. It prepares you for real life scenarios and makes you feel capable and ready. Changes in the protocal due to Covid adequately explained. - Mo (Jan 2021)

ACLS Provider

It's awesome. Organized. Scenarios (cases) are good for applying algorithms. - Raj (Jan 2021)

ACLS Renewal

time frame great. online 1/2 day worked well. Very practical. I've been really happy with my SkillStat courses! - Annie (Jan 2021)

ACLS Provider

"The greatest offer SkillStat has is the focus, not on a test, but on making sure everyone walks away more knowledgeable and confident. To offer attending future courses just to revisit, learn & MASTER skills is brilliant." - Darren

ACLS Provider

"Definitely motivated to apply ACLS/PALS in practice - always have! I believe every colleague should do it."  - Jeff

ACLS Provider

Available learning options

Live Online

Interactive and dynamic sessions via Zoom. Learn better from the comfort of your own home.

In Class

Practice the hands-on skills you need with a team committed to your success.

ACLS 360

Learn and practice whenever and wherever via our interactive web app - desktop and mobile.

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Vancouver Coastal
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ACLS Part 1 & 2
July 12, 2021
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
ACLS Part 2
July 13, 2021
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
ACLS Part 1 & 2
September 20, 2021
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
ECG 360 coming soon!
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