The Safe and Effective Procedural Sedation and Analgesia (SEPSA) workshop, is intended for healthcare providers who make use of procedural sedation in a hospital or non-hospital setting. This workshop combines an introduction to ECG interpretation, procedural sedation pharmacodynamics, BC procedural sedation standards and airway management with practice exercises, case studies and simulations.

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Pre-Requisites: Professional registration or student status as an MD, DDS, RN, Paramedic, RT, ND or Military QL 5



A team of accredited trainers facilitating an engaging course.


Peer reviewed and recommended.


Develop agile skills and a solid understanding.

Not Just Another Sedation Course

Learn to administer sedatives or dissociative agents with or without analgesics, safely and effectively.

  • ECG Interpretation
  • Procedural Sedation
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • BC Sedation Standards
  • Airway Management and more…

Non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures performed outside of the operating room has grown exponentially over the last several decades. Sedation, analgesia, or both may be needed for many of these interventional or diagnostic procedures. Medications that elicit pharmacologic effects – anxiolysis, amnesia, or analgesia – provide patient comfort during various procedures. Understanding the efficacy and safe administration of these agents is essential to the practitioner performing interventional procedures.

Procedural Sedation and Analgesia (PSA) is a technique of administering sedatives or dissociative agents with or without analgesics to induce a state that improves a patient’s tolerance for unpleasant procedures. The goal of PSA is to produce this depressed level of consciousness without compromising a patient’s ability to maintain their airway control.

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What you'll learn


Explore strategies to safely and effectively use the synergistic affects of different drugs

ECG Interpretation

If you need to brush up on your rhythms we offer a short review as part of this course.


Optional review to better understand patient end-tidal co2 waveforms.


Explanations of the rationales and research behind the skills you are learning.


Stories and examples customized to fit you and your role.


Simple, flexible learning models that you can build on.

What you'll receive

Pre-Course Package

An electronic version of the manual comes with your confirmation email to get started while you wait for the paper copy to arrive.

Course Completion Card

Upon completion of the course and proof of a current ACLS or PALS certificate we will issue a Course Completion Card (good for 2 years).

SkillStat Guarantee

You are welcome to repeat the same course for FREE within a YEAR of your original course completion date!

"Excellent content and teaching tailored to each learners work environment and skill set."- Kate (Jan 2022)


"Excellent relevant course delivered in a captivating and efficient manner." - Khadija (Jan 2022)


"Stimulating topics as well mostly because it was so practical. Walking through real scenarios helps in decision making in real life. Revisiting the pharmacodynamics of the medications we use is very helpful because it translates to real life usage." - Jason (June 2021)


"clear, direct approach to teaching. entertaining and educational. open conversation with real life anecdotes was v. helpful" - Eleanor (Mar 2021)


"The entire course was relevant to our non-hospital surgery center. Excellent content & instruction. Practical & thorough." - A. Denton


"It was more fun/engaging that I thought!" - Taryn


"Very engaging + concise. Would recommend this class. Thank you!" - Megan


"I've been pretty nervous thinking about this new job, but this course really helped alleviate some of that, so thank you!" - Randi


"I really liked it. I feel that the content was great. Most of all the teacher was supportive and I like the hands-on practice such as with a small doll and different airways. I am motivated to apply the skills at work. I would definitely recommend this course to family/friends." - Harjot


"I thought the course was great. Tailored to our needs. He was a great instructor. Very practical delivery of info." - Cindy


Available learning options

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Interactive and dynamic sessions via Zoom. Learn better from the comfort of your own home.

In Class

Practice the hands-on skills you need with a team committed to your success.


Learn and practice whenever and wherever via our interactive web app - desktop and mobile.

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