Pre-Requisites: see individual course

Cost: $100 to $480

Duration: 1 to 2 days or evenings

Live or work on Vancouver Island? Want to stay compliant or increase your knowledge and skills?

Come and join your colleagues for a worthwhile learning experience in emergency care. For the past five years SkillStat has offered a host of emergency courses on the Island. We offer BLS, ACLS, PALS, Six Second ECG Mastery, Six Second ECG Essentials, In Time Acute Care, 12 lead ECG and ACS Core Competency.

Our programs are practical, relevant, engaging, but also light with special attention to understanding, skill readiness, and to your belief in making a difference. We know that emergencies in the day, on weekends, and in the evening, can draw a different response with varying expertise. Our courses reflect this reality. Our focus is on the moment that you are called upon to make a difference for those in your community who are experiencing an emergency event.

Come and join us. Check out the courses, and their dates below. We hope to see you soon. Register now!